LIFE IS BIG finalist at the New York City Book Awards & Daydreaming


Happy March everyone! Today I learned that LIFE IS BIG was selected as a finalist at the New York City Book Awards.  I am very honored to see my novel among all those great stories.  And I would like to thank “The NYC Book Awards Team” for supporting my work.  Here is the link of their site in case you would like to check it out:

NYLA International Film Festival Winner

I am so happy to share the news today that my script (The Last Day of Paradise) won the 2020 NYLA International Film Festival. The script is based on my first novel of course and it's my first try in that very challening form.  I am sure it needs a lot more work but I should still celebrate this little victory. Have a great weekend and stay save and well.

Here the link of the festival's site:






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