LIFE IS BIG finalist at the New York City Book Awards & Daydreaming


Happy March everyone! Today I learned that LIFE IS BIG was selected as a finalist at the New York City Book Awards.  I am very honored to see my novel among all those great stories.  And I would like to thank “The NYC Book Awards Team” for supporting my work.  Here is the link of their site in case you would like to check it out:

Besides this news I’ve been getting great feedback on my script “The Last Day of Paradise”, which is based on my first novel with the same title.   For instance yesterday I got an email informing me that the script won the “Best Script Award”

( and that made me feel a bit better about my script writing skills.

I must admit that writing a script is pretty different than writing a novel.  For once, one has to stop thinking in words and start visualizing/seeing the scenes.  In order to achieve this mental switch (from word-sentences into visual-fragments), I have to allow myself to let the words go.  I do that by reading scripts I love and admire.  Currently I’ve been reading/studying the following scripts: “Jojo Rabbit” by TAIKA WAITITI, “The Grand Budapest Hotel” by Wes Anderson and “Big Fish” by John August.  All these three scripts are amazing words of art and match perfectly LIFE IS BIG’s optimistic spirit.

My dream is to have Mr. Waititi or Mr. Burton direct LIFE IS BIG! Nothing stops my daydreaming (haha)! Anyway happy spring to everyone and thank you for your continuous support!


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