a request for my birthday today

Dear all,

Today (May 29th) I would like to ask all of you (who have been so supportive with the release of my latest novel in the last couple of months) to take a few minutes to listen to the song below. It was sent to me by a dear friend. While listening feel free to dance/move around/stay still, do whatever comes to you naturally, without much thought, honor yourself in my existence, honor life, honor connectivity.

Thank you.

Here is the song:

nothing but death by Pablo Neruda

On this day one year ago I lost my father (May 13th of 2019). My dad loved poetry and books in general. Pablo Neruda always reminded me of my dad. The following poem is for him who lived so peacefully as no other man I've known.  In the photo above he is in his late teens, before he fell in love with my mom. He was great believer of love, had faith in kindness and lots of patience through his life.  

Nothing but death

The idea of the super-book...

With the release of my new novel (LIFE IS BIG), I’ve been receiving messages from readers from all over.  More than half of these kind people are curious to know how I came up with the idea of ‘the-super-book’.  What does an evolving/living-book entail? And why I didn’t “make” LIFE IS BIG into a real super-book?

A high school student from Italy suggested contacting a big company (“like amazon or google”) and asking them to invest in creating “the super-book of LIFE IS BIG.”


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