"LIFE IS BIG" among the top 10 at 2020-BookLife-Prize-Fiction-Contest!

Thank you Lilian!

I am so honored to see LIFE IS BIG (my 2nd novel) among the top ten at the 2020-BookLife-Prize-Fiction-Contest.

Below read some of the notes of the critique on plot, prose/style, originality & character development:

"Plot: Denis's crackling, clever, and intricately plotted novel unfolds at almost breakneck speed. Readers will be immediately engaged by the book’s inventive, absurdist premise and far-reaching examinations of  life, death, and the pitfalls of being human.

Prose/Style: Denis's text is compulsively readable and clear, though at times stiff and simplistic in delivery.

Originality: Denis's novel is refreshingly original and well-developed. Though there are elements that lend themselves to sci-fi, the novel avoids genre trappings, instead striking a charmingly esoteric and idiosyncratic note all its own.

Character Development: Inconsistent character development is a minor hinderance in an otherwise captivating and memorable novel. AJ, Mighty-11, and Lila are standout, lively, and engaging characters that are worthy of a cast of characters that pull equal weight."

If you like to read the whole review, go to:https://booklife.com/project/life-is-big-46696

Thank you for all your support and for all the photos with the book cover. Please keep them coming! I love seeing them and posting them on my site!



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